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Siddhagiri Matham

About Project

Siddhagiri Math had been rigorously working towards the betterment of society for centuries with primary focus on village development. Competent villages lead to a competent Nation.

Siddhagiri Math designs and implements different holistic programmes in education, healthcare, agriculture, social, spiritual, and rural development with the goal of bettering society. Math activities have a significant and good influence on society.

Math officials sought to create an exceptional digital presence that could display the huge work of the Math's projects in order to reach the most people and benefit a significant section of society.

Our Role

  • Custom UI/UX DEsign

  • Microsite Development

  • Multilingual Interface

  • Donation Management

  • Volunteer Management

  • Custom Reports

  • Support & Maintenance

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Custom Design and Development – Elegant, Easy and Serving the Purpose

The main challenge was for us to design this website in such a way so that it can not only show the Math’s significant work but to give the true justice to the Math’s legacy. It needed to be easy and simple but elegant, useful for every level of the society.

The key difficulty for us was to create this website in such a manner that it not only shows the Math's significant work, but also does genuine credit to the Math's legacy. It has to be simple but elegant, and valuable for people at all levels of society.

We gathered all the important information of the Math’s activities and initiatives. We finally built a significant user experience for Math’s website after many iterations and revisions.

Traffic increased




Traffic increased


Outcome of the project

We were successfully able to display all of Math's initiatives on a single platform. Apart from the main website, we created a microsite for each initiative.

Eventually, we delivered the desired results to the Math authorities in order for them to handle all of the information and activities in one location with ease of operation. We provided exceptional usability, accessibility, and simplicity to end users of the Math's website with our bespoke designs and programming.

Custom Design and Development Siddhagiri Matham

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